Branding’s ultimate goal is to enhance your competitiveness as an Employer

Candidates are choosy and professional reputation matters. Did you know, that according to over 69%of candidates, even if unemployed, would not accept a job at a company with a poor reputation!

In the way that any product needs a USP to attract a target market, each employer must define and understand their own unique Employer Brand. Knowing yourself will help to build a genuine Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to attract the most talented candidates.

And that’s where DCG Concepts comes in. We have the mindset, skills and creative know-how to shape an Employer Brand that feels like you. Together we craft effective talent strategies, aligned to your strengths. Rely on us to take an honest, in-depth look at your workplace to extract the good, the bad, and the indispensable.

We’re pragmatists and you should be too. Your company may not be right for everyone, so don’t try to recruit them.  Instead, significantly decrease your hiring costs with an Employer Brand that stands out to your kind of people.


You need to address the recruitment market with the same energy and intensity deployed on your commercial marketing. In an age of volatile technological changes, we understand the challenge an organisation faces in keeping up with the speed.You can’t afford to see desirable candidates go elsewhere just because your business reputation isn’t quite right. We provide you with that additional efficiency to avoid you falling behind. Get your Employer Branding spot on and attract the candidates you need, without the competition snapping them up!


Carrying out internal and external research we discover and define your EVP. This technique gets to the heart of the matter, allowing us to single out what makes you so different to work for. Our thorough audit of your employer reputation builds a clear picture of where to focus efforts for change.


With strategy nailed, we take on your positioning and messaging to produce an Employer Brand to guide all future asset creation and campaigns. Our experience in this area extends across all business branding services:

  • Creative conceptualisation
  • Employer Branding assessment
  • Employee Value Proposition
  • Messaging platforms
  • PR Strategy for Employer Branding
  • Employer Brand collateral
  • Communications strategy
  • Channel and media planning
  • Employer Online Reputation Management