Authentic communication is critical in recruitment marketing today

As your communications will be interpreted by a variety of stakeholders they must make equal sense to everyone. The challenge is to ensure all team members are taken on the same journey for maximum impact. What you need to get your message across is targeted positioning, professionally managed.

At DCG Concepts, our specific methods will help you get to know your teams and speak their language. We listen carefully to ensure we know all the issues and understand their implications. Then, we apply our problem-solving capabilities to develop a full Project Charter that we deploy and implement. No additional resources are required from your end. Ours is a one-stop shop that oversees all activities until completion.

At your disposal is our extensive catalogue of cost-effective and appropriate processes and technological solutions. In consultation with you, we may suggest a redesign of internal working methods or the need to implement new technology to improve efficiencies. But as we are an independent company, you can rest assured since we are not interested in promoting any particular technology or software solution service provider.

All of our technology evaluations and recommendations are based on your needs alone, aligned with your company vision for the future.


With DCG Concepts in place, you don’t need to seek any further additional resources to implement organisational change. Our service range flows from internal talent mapping through to resource realignment, process adaptation and new technology integration. See us as an extension to your team, capable of delivering 100% completion. Plus, we lower your ‘cost per hire’ by developing compelling communications that reach the right people in their way.


We synchronise and orchestrate all necessary organisational parameters: here to oversee and implement the many interactions and necessary intricate steps. It’s our responsibility to ensure all outputs achieve measurable and commonly understood goals.


The services we offer are extensive and are adapted to meet your needs. There’s never a one-size-fits-all solution with DCG Concepts. We’re all about tailormade solutions. We follow the vital stages of planning, conceptualisation and coordination with impeccable care to build on your decisions and integrate project roll-out with measurable deliverables. Launch your internal communications through our range of specialised services:

  • Internal communications
  • Digital and social platforms
  • Social media career feed – content creation and scheduling
  • Employee advocacy
  • Inbound campaigns
  • Onboarding/induction communications
  • Talent attraction managed services
  • On-site custom training sessions
  • Candidate and Employee experience optimisation
  • Leadership on and refinement of strategy and communications
  • Films and animations
  • Culture and value development