Lasting change starts on the inside

We champion of finding, hiring and retaining the best possible talent as easy and cost-effective as possible. We’re the employer branding and recruitment marketing agency that specialises in the pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics industry helping you identify, target and engage with the pick of potential employees.

Here for all industries, including those GxP regulated, our one-stop-shop of expertise is based upon a team with decades of relevant organisational problem-solving experience. We alleviate the burden of dealing with multiple stakeholders. You can rely on us to oversee every milestone in the project through to completion, and with DCG Concepts you’ll only ever need one single point of contact, as we will do it all for you.

It’s our mission to add value to your organisation by building on your strengths.

Our service range covers effective talent acquisition planning, development and implementation of customised recruitment marketing strategies. We build and oversee digital-led roadmaps and educate, engage and empower candidates and employees in the value of a unique employment experience.


Based in Zürich and Basel, we’re Swiss-based by design, not chance. Switzerland is a country of reputation – respected for quality, precision and high performance. Everything we do at DCG Concepts resonates with this. Adopt our understanding to shape empowered employer positioning, and put our experience to the test as we help you identify sustainable best practices in attracting target candidates in your field. Working together with us, you’ll go on to attract and retain your valuable employees.


We partner with clients throughout Switzerland, Germany and further afield. You’ll find us adaptable to any market and able to call upon an impressive business network. We are as perfectly in-tune with the Anglo-international culture of big pharmaceuticals as we are to mid-sized local European ventures.


Whatever your challenge scenario we are equipped to find the correct solution for you. Do you struggle to define your EmployeeValue Proposition (EVP) to build a clear employer brand; need support with on-site recruitment for hard-to-fill roles; want creative and highly effective career pages; need to reduce external recruitment spending or embed organisational values? Our customised, specialist solutions are designed uniquely for you.


This is what sets us apart from the rest of the pack. Our managing partners have spent decades in your industry. The sectors of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostics is who you are and we’re there right beside you.

DCG Concepts – here to solve your problems, specialists in your industry.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein