To win in the marketplace, you first must win in the workplace

Employee turnover is an expensive business – estimates claim that it can be anywhere from 30% to 250% of annual salary. So investing on improvements here, automatically provides your organisation with a Return On Investment without doing anything else!

Successful talent retention often depends on getting your recruitment right. But be aware, that once hired, you may need to have very different attraction tactics to keep hold of your talent.

Do you really know why your recruits are leaving or how to turn around the tide? Perhaps you need some help improving the quality of your employee engagement? Or has your last staff survey shown that the talent in your organisation is far from satisfied?

To directly improve your talent retention, call in one of our skilled recruitment sector specialists. We’ll identify any detrimental patterns in your employment cycle and reveal the issues impacting on your staff retention. We’ll also show you how to give back to your teams, even when financial reward is not an option.


What brings talent through your doors is no longer enough to make it stay. Organisations must create an environment willing to invest the time and effort to retain its talent and to see it as part of organisational growth and development.


We offer tailored modules that reveal how to mitigate the risks of personnel attrition and build competitive barriers to staff loss. Salary and benefits may not be enough, so we’ll investigate what will create your ‘magnetic workforce’ – one happy to stick around. After all, your company is only as good as the talent you keep. We’ll get to the heart of:

  • how well you really know your people
  • which performance improvement methods to offer
  • available opportunities for career development
  • how to create a healthy work environment and culture


Working with your employer brand, we develop aligned and targeted hiring strategies and plans to drive better retention and engagement for your business. Plus, we have the skills to build campaigns and programmes for the specific problems you’re trying to solve.